Remember the beginning of your relationship? The butterflies before every date. The amount of time and effort you spent seeing each other. Thinking that everything your partner said was interesting and funny!

Fast forward to the future: 2 busy careers + minimum 1 child + housework +other obligations = Flirting, what?

In our hectic, fast-paced lives, it’s easy to let our relationships slide and to take our partner for granted. This is why remembering how to flirt with your partner is essential for keeping a strong bond and a happy partnership.

I am now offering private sessions for couples wanting to get their groove back. Over the course of two hours, I will provide a personally tailored and interactive experience, for you and your partner. The two of you will leave with a stronger partnership, and the playfulness of flirting, firmly at the forefront again.

These sessions are suitable for couples who, generally, have happy partnerships, but feel they need an injection of flirting back into their relationship.

This 2-hour session can be done in the evening or at the weekend. Popular time slots are 6:00-8:00pm on weekdays and late afternoon on a weekend, but these times can be adjusted to suit your schedules. Couples find it beneficial to go out to dinner afterwards to practice what they have learnt in the workshop! The cost of this private session is £300.