About Jean Smith

Master the Art of Interaction!

Hello, I’m Jean Smith.

A social and cultural anthropologist and social intelligence coach. I help people and businesses to improve interpersonal interactions and communicate more effectively…

Hello, I’m Jean Smith

I am a social and cultural anthropologist, who specialises in social intelligence building. I help people and businesses to communicate more effectively


As a social and cultural anthropologist, I have always been curious about human behaviour.

Why do some people seem to be born with excellent social skills, whilst other people struggle? This led me to create practical, yet fun tools to enable even the shyest people to feel comfortable in social settings.

The Philosophy: I found my niche, teaching people how to interact and connect, when I moved to London in 1999. I discovered the reserved Brits could use a little help in the ‘interacting with strangers’ department. Since then, I have learnt that this is a world-wide conundrum. We are all looking for connection, but don’t know how to get it. I believe our interactions with others should be fun and easy. It’s a skill that anyone can learn. I teach people how to make connections with others: romantically, socially, and professionally.

My perspective is grounded in anthropology (a first degree in cultural anthropology and a masters degree in social anthropology). It’s good to have social science as a base; it helps us differentiate between reality vs just stuff that our minds make up. I use anthropological methodology, practical exercises, and a large dose of fun as the basis of my teachings.

The Cred: I am an author, international speaker and social intelligence coach. I work with brands, agencies, universities and individuals around the globe to help them become more comfortable, persuasive and successful in their interpersonal relationships. While my clients include big names such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, Stella Artois and Unilever, my passion for building confidence, social skills and connectivity, means I enjoy sharing these teachings from individuals, to startups, and everyone in between.

In addition to contributing to (and being featured in) The Times, The Telegraph, Australian Financial Review, Psychologies, Marie Claire and Red among other publications, I have appeared on The BBC, Sky, Channel 4, and CBS America. I also give lectures at places such as: The Guardian, London Business School, The Royal Society of Medicine, and I am a TEDx speaker.

Have a look at my services and we can figure out how, together, we can help you make change.