Jean Smith works with many kinds of organisations; ranging from teaching the sales people at Revlon how to build rapport with clients, to the employees at designer Stella McCartney’s HQ on how to improve their relationships as a team. Jean teaches The Art of Interaction. Could you use some more of this in your life?

Unthinking Social Interactions in the Digital Age

United Kingdom

Hosted by the innovative Finnish App company, Yolt, Jean led a discussion as part of Yolt’s ‘Unthinking’ series. From a social anthropological perspective, she investigated how our social interactions are changing in our digital world.

Jean at Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney HQ, London

Jean delivered a bespoke workshop for the team at Stella McCartney. She created a toolkit on how to communicate clearly and have authentic interactions.

Flirtology Master Class in session

Guardian Masterclass – How to Find a Partner Using Social Science

The Guardian, Kings Place, 90 York Way
London N1 9GU

You’d like to be in a relationship, but it’s just not happening? Do you feel it’s “hard work” and “all the good ones are taken”? This evening class will help you pinpoint exactly where you are going wrong in your search for love.

The first half of the class will focus on how using social science as a foundation for your partner search can help you get on the right track. The second half of the class is all about flirting! Once you know how to find the right people, you need to know how to show them you are interested.

This class, designed for all genders, has a theoretical and practical approach that will enable you to better identify an appropriate partner. You will leave feeling more empowered, knowing what you have been doing wrong and exactly how to fix it.

Jean at an eventJ

Stylist Live – Put Down Your Phone and Flirt: the Lost Art of Human Communication

Stylist Live, 3-day reader event, Olympia, London

Yes, you’ve nailed the art of a witty bio, you’ve crafted the perfect joke to snare your type, and you can apply Insta filters to profile pics in your sleep. But what happens when you practice your flirtations IRL? If you’re sick of the ‘right swipe’ this is the session for you.

‘Dear Jean, thank you for taking part in Stylist Live. The feedback has been amazing.We are truly  thrilled with the result. Thank you again for being part of it and making the content so strong.’

-Debbie McQuoid, Head of Content, Stylist Live, London

Cross Leadership and the Art of Communication

Rio Tinto Treasury Division team offsite

Sentosa, Singapore

What does it take to be a leader in today’s fluid climate? Hint: it’s not what was done before. Jean will speak to the team at Rio Tinto and divulge the secrets behind leadership and communication in our new, dynamic era.

‘Dear Jean, I wanted to say thank you so much again for the great talk. I am sure you have already heard the team feedback; they really loved it!’

-Abel Martins Alexandre, Head of Commercial Treasury at Rio Tinto, Singapore

The Art of Interaction

Revlon annual sales conference, Hotel Cafe Royal, London

How do you make the most out of your interactions? How do you turn transactions into enduring relationships? Jean speaks at the Revlon annual sales conference to coach the sales team on how to  increase sales, by first starting with authentic interactions.

‘Dear Jean, all went very well at the conference and all the feedback I got from your session was very positive. People loved you and they engaged so much with your session! I can only thank you and congratulate for your professionalism and brilliant job’

-Roger Vallve, Marketing Manager UK & Ireland, Revlon Professional Brands


Jean teaches the art of interaction for Revlon employeesJean speaks at a Revlon sales conference

Flirtologist Jean Smith presenting workshop on better interactions in office

The Science of Flirting & The Art of Interaction

Team building session, Transworld Publishers, London

Do you despise those awkward small talk moments? Or maybe you feel that it’s not easy to connect with people, whether it’s clients, new people at events, or even that alluring stranger at the bar. Wouldn’t it be nice to make connections without any awkwardness, and have conversations that are meaningful and interesting?

Using my structure and sparkle method, I will explain the 3 things you need to do to set up the interaction and then the 3 ways to add the sparkle. This ensures higher quality interactions, on any occasion.

‘We loved having you, and everyone totally engaged with the talk – thank you so much for taking the time to prepare and deliver it. And it was so much fun!’

-Michelle Signore, Editorial Director, Transworld Publishers

jean speaks to Transworld Publishing