Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Individuals


How can I present myself well? Increase my confidence? Enter and leave a conversation with grace? Read body language? Avoid nervousness? Talk to someone I like?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

It’s not just our fingerprints and DNA that make us unique; social and environmental issues are all part of our makeup too. Everyone has their own particular set of social challenges, whether personally or in business.

With a foundation in social and cultural anthropology and years of experience as a social intelligence coach, I can observe and quickly pinpoint problem areas when it comes to how you’re interacting with others and what perceptions you are creating as an individual. Common areas we look at during emotional intelligence coaching include:

  • Building rapport with your work colleagues
  • Expanding your friendship circle
  • Making the most of networking events
  • Getting yourself noticed at work and getting the recognition you deserve
  • Learning how to express yourself in a way that isn’t too passive or too aggressive, just right
  • Entering and exiting any conversation with ease, grace, and style
  • Having more interesting and mutually beneficial interactions

Using my warm,  yet practical approach, I will tailor a coaching programme to your specific needs and have you in tip-top social shape in no time.

Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of living – with confidence!

*If you are looking to do this coaching together to assist you in your work skills, your company might have a budget for this kind of training.

Flirtologist Jean Smith provides emotional intelligence coaching

One session £150

Jean teaches a man in her emotional intelligence coaching


6 sessions £900 (split into three monthly payments)


Please have a look at our blog, which has many articles on how to build confidence and make social interactions easy.

Another option is to practice these skills with the help of our popular online course, How to Talk to Strangers in 21 Days.