The holiday party season will soon be in full swing. Use these tips to make sure you leave an unforgettable impression, for the right reason. (A.k.a. Not because you got drunk and photocopied your naked bum on the office photocopier.)

  1. Learn their name – All it takes is some practice and effort. The ol’, ‘I’m just not good at names’ excuse, isn’t gonna’ fly.
  2. Find  commonality – Commonalities take you from two strangers, to old friends (or lovers) in no time.
  3. Self-disclose – You gotta’ share something personal, or you won’t have anything to build on except air.
  4. Don’t stick to the script – If you ask boring questions, you get boring answers. Shake it up a bit. Why not ask, ‘How would you spend your perfect day’ or ‘What are you going to be when you grow up?’
  5. Stay in the moment – Stop thinking, ‘When they finish, them I am going to say this’ or try and second guess, ‘If I say x, then they are going to think y.’ Just be in that moment, with that person, for a powerful affect. You will know what to say when your turn comes. Try it and see.